2014 Feature:

Single Cylinder Engines

NEW TO 2014!!!

Saturday July 12 2014

  • Gates open at 11AM
  • Dine and Dance. Enjoy a lovely buffet supper (seperate cost) and dance away the night to Retrobution .
  •  Admission to dance is INCLUDED in the price of the wrist band for the day.


  Nestled on the south side of Killarney Manitoba, the Turtle Mountain Flywheel Club grounds offer an informational walk through of machinery from the past.  You can see anything from a turn of the century elevator to motor units dating up to the 1960's.  It is with the help of volunteers, contributers, and our sponsors who really make these grounds enjoyable for those of any ages. 
  Someone is on hand during the summer to answer any questions and to let those look at our stationary engines. Every year, on the second weekend of July, we host Prairie Pioneer Days. On this weekend, club tractors and tractors of other antique enthusiasts bring the past to life
by displaying and demonstrating what the machines of the past were capable of doing.
  We welcome those who stop by the grounds and come to the show.  We love sharing our history with others.




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